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Kerala's gold mining potential - Gold worth about Rs.600 crores at current prices is present in the Kottathara area of Nilambur region

Recent exploration result for gold occurrence in Kerala is highly encouraging. Attapadi, Nilambur and Mankada areas in Malappuram district have been recorded as highly potential.

Attapadi gold belt in sheared gneissic rocks is found in three subparallel auriferous load zones where some blocks having 250 to 500 metre length and 1.5 to 2 metre width could be identified as most promising ones.

Similarly six lensoid gold bearing load zones in high grade metamorphics at Nilambur and two gold load zones of over 2.50 metre width in sulphide rich high grade rocks at Mankada are also recorded.

Kottathara area of Nilambur region holds more than 80,000 tonnes of gold in its reserve with up to 13.8 grams per tonne of the ore in the laterite. Gold worth about Rs.600 crores at current prices is present in this area.

The state government is planning to go for `cluster mining' in the area to fix the occurrences of gold. Four grams of gold per tonne of the ore in any ore load zone is economically viable if the exploitation continues for at least twenty years.

However, the exploration for gold should be taken up cautiously because of its low level of concentration and erratic distribution due to complex structure of the terrain.

Each area should have distinct exploration strategy as also the exploitation strategy following proper assessment of ore potential and establishing adequate resource of workable grade for sustainable commercial exploitation.

Though the geological environment for gold mineralisation is apparently similar for both older Kolar and newer Attapadi-Nilambur area one may wonder why Kerala was not so far explored for gold.

  Source : The Hindu, 29thSep 2005
* The magicians from Nilambur - The Malayaths -A magician family with a social mission

The Family:

It is amazing that three members of the same family are magicians, and that they perform in the same troupe. Ramakrishnan Malayath (better known as R.K. Malayath), wife Nirmala Malayath and son Rakin Malayath have been doing precisely that.

The performance:

After a long break, Malayath was back in action with a bagful of new and amazing tricks for a programme arranged by Navatharangam, the cultural wing of bank employees in Kozhikode. Both Malayath and his son Rakin performed spectacular shows that held the audience spell bound. Malayath performed a trick called "mysteria" and Rakin performed a trick called " manishada" and a super slitting illusion..
The School for magic:
Malayath say he took voluntary retirement from New India Assurance Company in which he was a development officer to pursue full time his affection for magic. Malayath presently runs a school for magic in Nilambur, his hometown.

The background:

Educated in Nilambur and Kozhikode, Malayath developed a fascination for magic quite early in his life.
Nirmala, who later became his wife, had also found herself irresistibly drawn to magic. After their marriage she also started going on stage to present magic shows.
Malayath learned his early lessons in magic from Ali Khan of Manjeri and the legendary Vazhakunnam Neelakantan Namboodiri. He had performed with them in many stages.
To learn more about magic he had gone to Kolkata and worked with the magicians there. Malayath founded the Kerala Magic Circle mainly to protect the layman from the evil designs of the practitioners of witchcraft who claimed to possess supernatural powers.
It was atheist and psychiatrist A.T. Kovoor who taught him hypnotism. Together they had performed in many stages in the country.

His mission:

Malayath is determined to carry forward his mission to use magic for social causes.
The latest evidence of his determination to do so is the Mental Health Awareness Magic he evolved for observance of World Mental Health Day. However, Malayath considers his tour of Gulf countries with film star Mohanlal as a highpoint in his career. He taught the actor magic and the duo did a string of shows titled `Mohanlal and the Magic Lamp.'

  Source : The Hindu, 20thOct 2005  Powered By Worldviewer Dot Com (India) Pvt. Ltd.